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A Pep Talk

Zero had hid behind the school.

If he was honest, he was terrified. Not of failing, but of having to do any of this infront of the other students.
The other classes were different, considering there was only one gro focusing on him, but a whole classroom? They must be crazy...

He sighed, glands glowing a soft blue as he pulled a few drops of water out the air.

At this point, the bluenette was rather happy that he hid, considering this ability was rather hard to grasp.
A few more drops, and a small ball of water was in the air, floating infront of him.

He cleaned the watermelon, not even bothering to bring it to the class so they could eat it together.
Hell no.
Zero started to eat the watermelon by himself, only to hear the familiar thumps coming from one of the teachers.

Zagor had found him, it seems.

"Hah! Thought ya'd be here!" The cheerful male chuckled, almost victoriously.
He took a glance at the watermelon Zero was munching on.
"What, you're not gonna share?"

"I...don't think that'll be a good idea, love." The blue gro muttered, adverting his eyes away from the teacher.

"Hmph, why not? Ya scared?" Zagor chuckled once more, crossing his arms.

"Of social interaction, it's a bit overwhelming to have so many people in one room. I already know a few, but my point stands."

"Hmph, stubborn one, aren't ya?"

"You had no reason to say that, love...I mean, I didn't upright say no multiple times, I-" Zero rambled, before...

"Woah, hold on there! I think you're overanalyzing everything here, buddy." Zagor raised an eyebrow.
"Look, makin' friends has to be fun! You don't have to exactly calculate everything, just go with your instincts, what you want to say, if someone doesn't like ya for who ya are, that's their problem, 'kay?" He kneeled down to Zero's height.
"Now, you wanna go meet the others?"



And with that, Zero has learned Basic Water Magic!

Coming for you, Light o-o


2 fullbodies - 4 wyns
1 NPC - 1 wyn
1 background - 1 wyn

6/308 Wyn 

Why did it have to be a ball game?!

We just started and you're already mad...


I'm the biggest procrastination in the universe!

Anyways, this was fun!
I actually finished this on the day the prompt was released, but oh well.

I especially loved drawing Rekin, considering quads are pretty fun to draw, and her design was simply adorable~


Rekin belongs to :iconvolveo:


2 fullbodies - 4 wyns
1 gift - 1 wyn
1 background - 1 wyn

6/302 Wyn 
About Time!

And after drinking so much floaty fruit juice that he's in a sugar rush...
Zero has finally managed to get a few bubbles out.


Procrastination has now got me to post it on the 4th instead of the 3rd.
Oh well...


1 fullbody - 2 wyns

2/296 Wyn 
Jason Dean - Reference Sheet


Arrow left Name: Jason Dean
Arrow left Gender: Male
Arrow left Age: 7 years old
Arrow left DOB: June 6th, 2016
Arrow left Species: Nyulop
Arrow left Element/Alignment: Unlucky


Bullet; Green Charismatic
Bullet; Green Intelligent
Bullet; Green Planful
Bullet; Red Apathetic
Bullet; Red Overly Careful
Bullet; Red Narcissistic


Arrow left Friends: None
Arrow left Rivals: None
Arrow left Enemies: None


Arrow left Baby: 
- Gemified
- Vap Tail
- Fluffy ears
- Firefly Glow (Same colour as his eyes!)
- Ear Tufts
- Marking Colour Change (Dark gray)
- Tiny Claws
- Thumbs
- Tuft
- Single Accessory (Bracelet)
- Starter Stripes (On his face)
- Starter Spots (On thighs)
- Draken Horns
- Reynard's Mark

Arrow left Adult: 


Arrow left House: Winter's Cold
Arrow left Bag Type: Messenger
Arrow left Accessories: Vest and Bandana
 Check out his inventory here!


Arrow left Skills: None
Arrow left Feats: None
Arrow left Traits: None


STR: 2/10
END: 1/10
DEX: 1/10
INT: 3/10
WIS: 1/10
CHA: 4/10



- Reynard's Mark - Completed at least 2 Halloween Havoc entries!

EXP Icon: Blue

1 fullbody (other is copied) - 10 EXP
1 headshot - 5 EXP

15/940 EXP

It Ends

And with a hurried bite of the candy he was gifted,
The eyes disappeared, the monsters shifted.
He was okay now, safe from the evil of the mask,
the cure had completed its task.


Yay for procrastination!
I was busy a lot on these last days, so I hope this counts ;-;

EXP Icon: Blue 

1 fullbody - 10 EXP

10/925 EXP



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Hey there!

I'm LynxOnProwl, but just call me Robert.

I'm a hopefully half-decent artist who mostly draws Species art!

I also enjoy books, Roleplay, TV shows like Steven Universe and 13 Reasons Why and video games!
At the moment I'm quite obsessed with Overwatch (Though I haven't got enough money to buy the game yet) and L4D2.

Hope you have a good day.

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